Lesbian couple Rachel Fee and Nyomi have been convicted of the murder of the two-year-old son of Fee named Liam in March 2014. After a seven-week trial at the Livingston High Court, the jury found the couple guilty of killing the child. The couple is expected to be sentenced on July 6.

The jury found that the child was subjected to severe abuses by Fee and Nyomi during his short life, the BBC reported. However, the jury’s verdict did not seem to have affected the couple who remained deadpan after they were found guilty of all the allegations brought against them.

Liam’s father, Joseph Johnson, was in tears as the verdict was announced. The jury was let off the duty for the next 10 years.

Bone expert Professor Anthony Freemont said that the child suffered a broken bone in the three to five days that led up to his murder. According to the internet records recovered by the police, Nyomi searched for “broken leg” on March 17 and after a few minutes, Fee searched for possible injuries that may prevent putting pressure on the leg.

But the couple did not take Liam to the hospital for treatment, leaving him to suffer the excruciating pain for days, the Mirror reported. “He would’ve been crying, distressed and upset,” said pediatric pathologist Dr. Paul French, who carried out the post-mortem.

However, the internet search records showed that the Fee and Nyomi were more concerned about the possible troubles they could be in for giving the child a broken bone. Two days later, Fee searched the net to find out whether death is possible from a broken bone. And on the night before the murder, the mother searched, ““Can wives b in prison together?”

The couple from Fife, Scotland were also found guilty of verbally and physically abusing two other boys, one of whom they blamed for Liam’s murder.