LG G4 Price for AU$53 + 10 Best Deals for October


LG G4 had arrived with quite a splash and here’s a low-down of the best deals available for those wanting to get their hands on the device.

The device, available through Vodafone, EE, O2 and Three, arrives with some great deals and is available for free upfront. Fans can take a look at some of the really neat deals listed below:

1.Vodafone is offering LG G4 for no cost at all with unlimited calls, unlimited texts, 2GB data at a price of £26 on a monthly basis for a 2-year contract.

Fans can head here to order the device.

2. The device is available for free from Vodafone with 1000 minutes calling, unlimited texts and 1GB data. Users will be required to pay up £25 per month for a 2-year period.

The LG G4 with this plan can be order from Mobile Phones Direct.

3. As noted by Tech Radar, another great offer from Vodafone includes unlimited calls and texts with 2GB data at a monthly payment of £26 on a two-year contract.

Fans can get this deal from here.

4. There are plenty options as well for those willing to shell out for 5GB of data with unlimited calls and texts through EE by paying £31.99 per month. The phone is available for no cost at all.

Head here to get the deal and shop for the device.

5. Another deal from Vodafone for those wanting to opt for 4GB of data is available for £28.00 per month with a free phone on two-year contract from Mobile Phones Direct.

The deal includes unlimited texts and calls.

6. There is also the option of a free LG G4 up front on Three and the deal includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data for £29 per month as noted by Tech Radar.

The deal is directly available through the carriers website.

7. Vodafone also has a neat option for those wanting more data; users get unlimited texts and minutes along with 6GB data at a price of £29.50 per month.

There is no upfront cost on this phone that comes with a 2-year contact and the deal is available here.

8. 02 is offering the LG G4 for no cost with unlimited texts, unlimited calls and 3GB data for a monthly price £3, as noted by Tech Radar.

The deal is available from The Carphone Warehouse.

9. For £25.00, users can get 1000 minutes, unlimited calls with 1GB data through Vodafone. No upfront cost for the phone is charged and deal is available at Mobile Phones Direct.

10. The device can be taken for no cost with unlimited calls and texts and 10GB data through Vodafone at a monthly cost of £33 on a two-year contract and the deal is available here.


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