Lewis Hamilton F 1 Career is in a fix! The German racer drove deliberately slowly in an attempt to back team-mate Nico Rosberg into rivals.  Hamilton finished second to win his first title.

The 31-year-old is more likely to face a suspension or even the sack by Mercedes over his Duel in the Abu Dhabi GP rebellion. Is Lewis Hamilton F 1 Career Over?  The report further revealed that Hamilton repeatedly disregarded a series of radio calls ordering him to increase his pace during the season finale.

But the three-time world champion rejected every instruction as he tried his best to back teammate Nico Rosberg into rival cars in a desperate. He told his team: “I suggest you guys let us race“. Ultimately he went into the race 12 points behind Rosberg and the latter crowned himself as the new world champion.

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Hamilton batted away the valuable instruction with different opinions of the situation. Sources believed at that speed he had ample amount time to think it through. The racer was rebellious against the chain of command. This is a huge problem for the team and their employee. He showed the world that he’s in charge of tactics even if it seemed that Ferrari might win the race. Now the disciplinary actions of Mercedes may not go down well with Hamilton, doubted Sky Sports. His defiant actions on the track marked the highest escalation the Mercedes pit wall could make.

After the race, Hamilton revealed his car had more technical failures than Rosberg during the season. He insisted it was the major reason why he failed to win the championship.

“Lewis Hamilton is facing the sack by Mercedes after being accused of causing anarchy in Abu Dhabi,” claims The Daily Mirror. “Hamilton’s contract runs out in 2018 but that would not stop the German car giant ending it early or suspending him from races next season as a punishment.”

Team boss Toto Wolff later compared Hamilton’s disobedience to “anarchy” and confirmed he would think about disciplining his driver,

Wolff said he is aware of Hamilton’s actions on a personal level, but also that, as a man responsible for the racing operation of a global corporation, he might have a different opinion, according to BBC.

“I was in two minds,” he said, adding that the team values of Mercedes are “pretty clear” and that “it cannot make a difference whether it was the first or last race. Those principles and values have won us races and championships and so this is one side. And the other side, me the racer, says maybe I would have done the same.”

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He continued: “So we have to calm down. There is so much more going on in the background that plays a role in how we are thinking and this is why I don’t want to express an opinion before I have actually made up my mind for myself.”

Mercedes will now either sack Hamilton or suspend him. Nothing has been confirmed yet. But in both ways, the racer had to face a hard time. Possibly it will be one of the toughest moments of his career.

Do you think Lewis Hamilton F 1 Career is over?