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Lewis Hamilton blasts Auckland’s Sky City Casino,’They treated me like dirt’

Hamilton celebrating victory at the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton, a Formula One racing champion, criticised a casino in New Zealand for treating him like dirt. However, such a fierce review may have been caused by a disagreement over the local gambling rules.

With 3.2 million followers, Hamilton posted his critical review of the Sky City Casino to his Twitter account on Monday, saying that he was treated like dirt, and noted that Sky City Casino is the worst casino, Yahoo reported.

Hamilton deleted the said tweet immediately without giving further comments regarding the incident. Some believe that his angst may have been triggered when he was asked by the staff to follow the rules of the casino.

Reports indicate that the British racing champion may not have been aware of the casino’s regulation that imposes everyone not to wear sunglasses or a hat or even use a phone while at the tables.

Sky City Casino immediately took action to lessen the online damage through answering Hamilton’s claims on Twitter. The management stated that while they are saddened by the unpleasant experience of Hamilton, they are proud of being good hosts.

Hamilton is said to be spending his time at the SkyCity Grand Hotel, but the hotel management was not able to give any confirmation because of privacy reasons. Nonetheless, reports indicate that the racing champion had been seen outside the hotel carrying some suitcases on Monday.

Meanwhile, Hamilton posted on Instagram a couple of Auckland photos since he arrived – a New Zealand sunset and the city skyline. He also posted a happy snap of him while sitting among several gorgeous models like Eva Longoria and Karlie Kloss from the Paris Fashion week, along with a caption that says he was having a fun night.

Hamilton is having a short vacation in New Zealand before the Australian Grand Prix to be held in Melbourne on the coming weekend,  NZ Herald reported.

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