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Lesbian Moms Duped by Psycho Burglar: Sperm Donor’s Lies Exposed

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Lesbian couple Angie Collins and Beth Hanson were shattered when they discovered that the “ideal” donor who lent his sperm for the birth of their son had been suffering from a mental illness.

After five years of togetherness, the Briton couple decided to plan their family and began their search for a perfect sperm donor. While hunting for a desirable donor for months, they came across American firm Xytex’s donor number 9623. They found the profile quite impressive and decided to get sperms from him to take their generation forward.

The profile described him as a young and healthy person with an IQ level of 160. He spoke five languages and was pursuing a Ph.D. in neuroscience engineering. Xytex’s donor counselor Mary Hartley called the donor a “perfect” one for them. However, CBC Canada reported that the man suffered from mental sickness and was a college dropout. He also spent some time in jail. However, nobody was aware of these facts until the company accidentally released the man’s name in public. The report stated that the man donated his sperm to almost 27 different families, helping to give birth to around 36 children.

Collins now has an 8-year-old son from the sperm the donor provided. However, the revelation by the company shocked the couple as their kid contained the gene of someone who was not only a schizophrenic but also a criminal. “Our hearts just sank,” Collins said as quoted by Mirror UK. “It was like a lead ball went to the bottom of our stomach, for both my partner and I. I thought I was being more responsible than picking up a hitchhiker from the side of the road.”

Collins claimed that she tried to sue Xytex but she was not successful. She was, however, planning to do so again. She agreed that the sperm donor was not a bad man but mentally ill. On the other hand, Xytex defended itself saying the company clause explicitly stated that donor information is not verified by the company. Collins said that within few minutes of typing the man’s name on Google, she was able to view all his criminal records and psychiatric history. “If they had done that, maybe we shouldn’t be here today,” she said.

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