UFO sighting in the United States is a common phenomenon. This time, there is yet another incident of an unidentified flying object in the skies of Florida, which holds uncanny similarities to the notorious UFO sighting in 1980.

A man identified as Steve, who works as a director of aircraft maintenance for a corporate jet fleet in the USA, managed to take an “amazing footage of the UFO, which he recorded from his plane, as it flew 43,000 feet above Texas in the USA, notes Mirror. There was also another report that hints at proof of aliens spotted on the moon.

The clip taken by the man caused a stir among experts of SecureTeam10 to whom he sent the footage to, so that they could analyze its details and share the findings. While it is still not known whether the recent mysterious sighting in the sky is indeed an alien object, it surely relives the memories of the 1980 Cash-Landrum incident.

Vicky Landrum and Betty Cash were returning home in December 1980 from a dinner party with Vicky’s seven-year-old grandson Colby when they saw a huge diamond-shaped object in the sky.

According to their reports to the media, the object was emitting flames from underneath. What was shocking was that when Betty got out of the car to have a better look at the object, she suffered terrible burns.  Finally, the object started to move away when approached by 23 military-style helicopters,.

According to Tyler from SecureTeam, “This [the Cash-landrum] UFO sighting, and I will quote a well-known UFO researcher, is perhaps one of the most baffling and frustrating cases of modern times, in that it is shrouded in a maze of dead ends, denials and even official deviousness by the government and military.”

The video has, however, evoked speculations among UFO aficionados, with some alleging that the lights and the V-shaped frame prove that the US military is experimenting with reverse-engineering alien technology. Another group of enthusiasts opined that lights emitted from the unidentified object clearly indicates that aliens visit earth multiple times, reported Enstarz. In recent times, there were reports of UFO spotted near a US military base in Ohio. Read more here!