Lamar Odom Almost Dead? Critical with Brain Damage After Drug Overdose

Wikimedia/ Bridget Samuels

After being found unconscious in a brothel, Lamar Odom is reported to be critical. The athlete was taken to a hospital after a staff member from the brothel found Lamar unconscious and fluid was coming out of his mouth.

Initial reports said that the former Lakers basketball player was taking herbal Viagra during his stay in the brothel.

E! Online reports that Lamar “remains hospitalized and in a coma after suffering what is believed to be an accidental drug overdose.”

His ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian, is reportedly at the hospital. She was accompanied by her sister Kim and their mother, Kris Jenner.

The site mentions that the hospital refuses to give an official comment on Lamar’s condition. However, Rev. Jesse Jackson visited Lamar and confirmed that Lamar was recovering.

Jackson says “he felt joy” upon seeing Khloe Kardashian embrace Lamar Odom. He said, “And when he does wake up, he’ll see her and that’s a source of joy and consolation.”

Contrary to Jackson’s news, TMZ claims that Lamar had suffered from multiple strokes, according to witnesses from the hospital.

A source from the hospital has even told the site that Lamar “remains unconscious and unresponsive.”

Lamar’s MRI revealed that the former NBA player had multiple strokes. It was unclear, however, if Lamar suffered from brain damage, the site mentions.

TMZ also notes in another report that Lamar had taken 10 Reload pills before he fell into a state of unconsciousness.

According to the site,”the FDA says the pills are so dangerous they’ve advised consumers to throw them away immediately.”

A Reload pill contains “sildenafil” which happens to “lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.” The brothel apparently sold the pills to Lamar.

CNN reports that there are on going investigations on his alleged drug overdose. Investigators have already obtained a blood sample from Lamar and was forwarded to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police laboratory for testing.


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