Labour Day 2015: 5 Best Football Films to Watch this Weekend


It’s Labour Day 2015 weekend already and for those looking to celebrate the long weekend at home, we’re counting down five of the best football films ever to be released for you to enjoy!

Sports News Ireland has pitched five top football films which you can watch this weekend. As we celebrate Labour day this Monday, set your tone for some football on the celluloid.

Mean Machine (2001)

In a rough-and-tumble British prison, where murderers, thieves and assorted madmen are locked away, inmate Danny Meehan, played by former real-life Wimbledon star Vinnie Jones, is about to lead them all in the ultimate battle of their degenerate lives — but no one could have guessed it would be a soccer match! Also, Staring Jason Statham, the film wont be a disappointment.

There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble (2000)

We wish we had such magic shoes. Fifteen-year-old Jimmy Grimble has serious aspirations for playing with his beloved Manchester City. Rejected by coach and teammates at school, nothing seems to going his way. Apparently strange things start to happen when the boy gets a boot from an old lady supposedly of an ex-Man City star. Watch to see what happens next.

Mike Bassett England Manager (2001)

The manager of England’s national football unexpectedly succumbs to a heart attack, and suddenly the search is on for a replacement. Most people who seem qualified for the position have the good sense to turn it down, and so the responsibility falls to Mike Bassett, a scruffy and loud-mouthed lout whose claim to football fame is leading a previously undistinguished team to a league championship.

Green Street (2005) 

Starring Elijah Wood, this film is mature and a lot different than other movies on this list. American journalism student Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) moves in with his sister and her family in London. There, he meets football hooligan Pete Dunham, who introduces him to his rough tribal world, where supporters of opposing teams battle each other before and after games. But Pete’s lieutenant, Bovver, suspects Matt’s motives and inadvertently reopens a years-old rivalry between Pete’s brother (Marc Warren) and the leader of a rival gang.

Goal (2005) 

Santiago Muñez, a Mexican cook in Los Angeles, gets a chance to follow his dream of playing professional soccer. A talent scout with contacts in the United Kingdom spots him and offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance: If he can find a way to England, he can try out for the Newcastle United team. Gavin Harris, a star player, takes young Santiago under his wing and helps him prove himself to his disbelieving father.

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