Support for same sex marriage is proving to be costly for the Labor Party. On Tuesday, its West Australian senator, Joe Bullock quits Federal politics out of frustration with his party’s support for same-sex marriage.

Announcing the decision, Bullock said he is against same-sex marriage and cannot remain a Labor parliamentarian as the party will be abolishing the members’ right for conscience vote on the matter.

“Instinctively I know if your job requires you to do [that] which you believe to be wrong, there’s only one course of action: resign,” he said.

Bullock has been a leading figure in WA politics and dominated the region for many years. However, he is known as a right winger within the leftist leaning Labor party with conservative views on abortion and same-sex marriage, reports The ABC.

Recently, he embarrassed the party by demanding immediate scrapping of Safe Schools program, which he called as “terrible” and “narrowly focused on homosexual issues.”

Meanwhile, some leaked pamphlets suggest that the campaign against same-sex marriage will be fierce. The campaign material in focus suggests that children of gay and lesbian parents will be prone to “abuse and neglect” and end up unemployed, addicted to drugs and depressed.

Prepared and funded by former Liberal MP Chris Miles, the undistributed pamphlets have raised questions on the social impact of same sex marriage. The pamphlet mockingly calls same sex marriage “same-sex mirage.”

Miles claimed that the findings documented in the pamphlets were based on a report by the US Department of Health and Human Services, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

“What is the valid empirical data of ‘same sex’ couples conceiving and caring for children to adulthood?” the pamphlet asks.  “If you don’t know the “answer” to the above question don’t vote for same-sex marriage.”

The government will hold a plebiscite on same sex marriage after the parliamentary election.  The Labor and many marriage equality campaigners are opposed to the plebiscite saying it will lead to targeted attacks on the gay and lesbian community.