La Liga 2015: Neymar to Replace Lionel Messi as Main Barcelona Star?

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Neymar’s astonishing performance against Rayo Vallecano, scoring four goals and assisting Luis Suarez to find the net, has surely knitted some weak links in the team. ESPN FC notes that his potent partnership with Luis Suarez, in the absence of Lionel Messi, is commendable as he lifts his game when his club needs it the most.

On one hand, Sergio Busquets hails Neymar’s sizzling performance in their last game, but on the other hand feels that the Blaugrana team is still missing their ace forward, Lionel Messi. “He’s one of the leaders for his characteristics, the way he plays and what he brings, and more now without Leo. We hope to continue on a roll, ” the Spanish midfielder comments.

“We are noticing the absence of Messi because he’s our player, the most dominating and the best in the world. We have to give a little more to be noticed as little as possible, but its inevitable it’s noticed.”

The Catalans are still recovering from loosing their main gunners, Messi and Andreas Iniesta, as they managed to pull of a thumping 5-2 victory against Rayo Vallecano. However, Barcelona Boss Luis Enrique feels that the team is not looking for a Messi replacement as the team should move forward as one bloc. The manager, who is serving his second year with the team, says, “We intend to work as a bloc, We are not looking for someone to lead us. We already have a leader, that’s Leo Messi.”

Luis Suarez, without a doubt, put forward his comments reflecting the same vies as his manager. He feels that it is impossible to replicate what Messi has contributed to the team and remains the best player in the world.

Suarez is upbeat with the team chemistry as well as Neymar. He exclaims that everyone knows their respective roles at the club and it becomes a huge responsibility to keep scoring without the likes of Messi or Iniesta.

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