Did Kris Jenner really force her daughter Kylie to dump her boyfriend Tyga? Is she really furious that the rapper let guns near her daughter?

According to Hollywood Life, the reality star was “alarmed” that Tyga’s pal had a gun with him while they hit the Sunset Strip with Kylie.

“Kylie may think Tyga’s bad boy image is cool. But for Kris, she’s not amused or impressed. Kris is furious that Tyga is riding with his security team and crew showcasing guns. It’s not cool,” a source told the gossip news site. “Kris can’t seem to figure him out. One day he’s the sweetest kid ever. The next, he’s doing stupid crap like this, making her worried about his relationship with Kylie.”

TMZ earlier suggested that Tyga’s team might have been carrying guns as protection because the rapper reportedly has “expensive taste.” According to TMZ, Tyga typically wears $100 thousand (around AU$131 thousand) worth of jewelry whenever he goes out. His girlfriend’s mother, however, is not impressed.

“She thinks he’s stupid for wearing such expensive jewelry to clubs and other places,” the same source told Hollywood Life. “She wishes he’d wake up and actually think this way for himself.”

Do you think Kris Jenner has the right to be mad at her daughter’s boyfriend over what happened? Or do you think she’s just overreacting?

This is not the first time that Kylie’s family members seemingly wanted her to dump Tyga. It was earlier reported that her big sister Kendall could not figure out why Kylie couldn’t just dump Tyga after all their issues.

It was previously reported that Kylie could not let Tyga go because of “his wild performances in the bedroom.” Kylie also thinks the rapper is “The One.” She has gone as far as pick out her own engagement ring.