After rising to fame with the Twilight saga, Kristen Stewart has been in the limelight. This time around, she garnered a lot of attention by going pally with a certain celebrity.  In an interview with Elle, Kristen said,  “Patti Smith cares for me.” Is Smith Stewarts’s new BFF? Here are the details.

Among various questions, she was asked who has been her mentor. Kristen, who never minces her words and is very lucid in her thoughts, replied that it is her mother. She added, “She has always been a worker.”

When she was asked to define the exact meaning of worker, she said, “The women who I’ve always been drawn to are those who are unable to focus on things that don’t matter because they’re so taken with their interests and the things they like to create.”

Citing a true example, she mentioned Patti Smith. Delving more about her liking towards Smith, Stewart briefed: “Patti Smith is a friend of mine and her whole thing is: ‘Just get back to work.’ Find the source of what’s keeping you going and it’ll focus you,” Elle  reads.

When asked about how she became friends with Smith, Stewart said that both of them were in Boom Boom Room, New York, for On The Road after party. She was in a bad state when Smith approached her and tried to find out if she is fine.  Recollecting the exact words of Smith, Stewart said, “’I just want you to know that your people care about you, that we’re here for you, and I’m your people’.”

After this incident, they stayed in touch. Coincidentally, they met again during another after-party in New York. Remembering this meeting, Stewart said: “It had been a long time since we’d talked – and she said, ‘It’s a full moon tonight and I heard that you were in town, so I came out to find you and here you are!’ And I was like, ‘You’ve got to stop saying the coolest things ever!”

In February 20i5, Vanity Fair  carried the news of how Stewart asked Smith to read some of her writing, and the latter admired the Twilight star on her creative talent with the pen.

Is it a development of a new friendship between the two? Share your view here.