Australia’s Seven Network has had a lot of success with their reality dating shows in the past. They did give TV fans Down Under shows like, “Married At First Sight” and “Seven Year Switch.” However, the network’s latest reality series offering did not do as well as their previous shows did. “Kiss Bang Love” got the “kiss of death” after just one season.

The show will not be returning for a second installment. A spokeswoman for the network herself confirmed the cancellation. Why didn’t things work out for the Seven series?

Below, we round up all the reasons why “Kiss Bang Love” failed.

1. The show felt too “gimmicky.”

Dating shows tend to all have some sort of gimmick to set them apart. “Kiss, Bang, Love” is no different from other matchmaking shows. It sets up ten singles with a handful of potential partners. However, unlike typical dating shows that let contestants go on dates with these potential partners, “Kiss Bang Love” makes them base their final choice on a single kiss. According to News Australia, this “social experiment” twist didn’t really sit well with viewers. “The show, based on a Danish format… felt gimmicky from the start,” the news site said.

2. Viewers just weren’t tuning in.

Only 513,000 viewers reportedly watched the show’s premiere episode. This might be among the show’s most viewed episodes, considering that ratings quickly slid to 137,000 for later episodes. However, it is still weak compared to the 800,000-strong “Married at First Sight” and “Seven Year Switch” average viewership.

3. The show’s contestants themselves did not feel the love.

According to News Australia, one of the show’s former contestants, Ryan and Lisa, previously admitted that the kiss did not lead to love.

4. Other shows just had more interesting premises. 

“Kiss Bang Love” might have an interesting twist and premise. However, it just failed to compete with new reality shows in Australia, like “Sex Box.”