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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Divorce Soon? Calls Him ‘Inappropriate’


Will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West file for a divorce soon? Radar Online revealed the reality star is considering divorce due to their constant fighting.

The actions of West in a recent Twitter war, calling Amber Rose a “stripper” and dragging Wiz Khalifa’s son into the fray, mortified Kardashian.

“Kim is so enraged, she’s considering divorce. She said she can’t take much more. This latest saga has just proved to her how destructive Kanye is. She’s convinced that if she stays with him, he’ll take her down with him,” the report revealed.

Moreover, Kardashian reportedly banned West from the house following the Twitter rampage.

A source for the magazine said, “She was so angry, she wouldn’t let Kanye into the house; she changed all the codes and asked security not to let him through the gate.”

In a succeeding story from Radar Online, a source revealed, “Kim told Kanye how totally inappropriate his comments were. She really let him have it.”

However, the same source said, “West rules the roost, and he came back at Kardashian with very specific instructions. Kanye told Kim that she wasn’t allowed to say anything on social media after Amber Rose Tweeted that gross note about him. He told her that she was forbidden from getting involved. He said this was his fight and he was going to handle it his way and that he didn’t want Kim to write anything herself.”

The source explained that Kardashian’s words got through to West. He subsequently asked her to fix the situation.

“So Kanye made Kim call Amber and meet with her. He wanted Kim to make up with Amber for him. He told her what she had to do, and she listened to him, of course,” the insider added.

Rose and Kardashian recently posed for a pic that posted on Twitter and Instagram.

This is not the first time divorce rumours hit the couple. Last year, news of a divorce also spread. However, Kardashian denied marital problems at the time.

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