It would seem the Paris robbery of the reality TV star sparked another controversy as one Aussie writer wished Kim Kardashian dead.

The chaos resulting from the Kim Kardashian Paris robbery has yet to blow over since it happened last October 3. Although she was unhurt, the image of the robbers who held her at gunpoint is no doubt a hard memory to erase. Hence, her notable absence at the Wrap Party hosted by momager Kris Jenner for the family reality TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Indeed, her trauma is so much she withdrew from her upcoming Las Vegas appearance. Thus, those who hoped to join Kim K’s birthday celebration this year might have to make other plans. Her decision to withdraw from the limelight would be understandable given the ordeal she went through.

Then again, not everyone would seem sympathetic to the reality TV star and her scary Paris episode. In particular, Australian columnist Vanessa de Largie whose article published by The Daily Telegraph ignited a different round of controversy.

The significance of the reality TV star’s contribution to society would vary depending one person’s point of view. However, wishing Kim Kardashian dead for simply being who she is and for what she does, did not sit well with netizens. Moreover, Varia Fedko-Blake of Movie Pilot slammed de Largie for her claim to be a feminist herself yet her fatal wish upon another woman. Thus, the outpour of outrage at her earlier write-up led to a Facebook clarification from de Largie.

“I just wanted to be totally honest and admit to this thought. Most people wouldn’t write about the thoughts they think. Thank you for approaching me in a civil manner. There has been much hatred towards me this morning on Twitter and it’s unnecessary. I’m sorry if my column didn’t agree with you. It was not my intention,” de Largie posted.

Would you wish Kim Kardashian dead?