Social media users accuse that the person who robbed Kim Kardashian at gunpoint in Paris could be Twitter personality Joanne Prada, also known as Joanne the Scammer. They believe that the video Prada uploaded on Twitter and Instagram indicates that she committed the crime to the reality star.

Just days after Kim Kardashian was robbed, Prada, who is actually the alter ego of US comedian Branden Miller, posted a video on Instagram with the caption, “Sent this to my ex boyfriends new girlfriend because I’m officially done with the Facebook slandering. Tonight at 1:30 ill put an end to the bitch with a 1 on 1 fight in my brand new Gucci heels.” In it, she says, “I’m coming over your house at about 1:30am ish, to beat the f**k out of you and then rob you.”

Commenters at the social media site quickly pointed out the coincidence, posting comments such as “Coincidence that Kim got held at gun point? I think not,” and “Were you in Paris tonight Joanne? Hmm? Happen to make a pit stop at Kim K’s hotel, did you? We’re onto you girl! #suspect.”

Of course, these are just theories of social media users and none of the speculations have been verified.

The New York Times reports that the total worth of jewelries stolen from Kim Kardashian is at least 8 million Euros or almost $9 million. The reality star was alone in her luxurious apartment located in the Eighth Arrondissement.

Two men came in and tied Kim up and then gagged her. The criminals escaped with three accomplices, the French authorities added.

Kim’s husband, singer Kanye West, ended his concert in Queens prematurely upon finding out what happened.   The New York Times adds that the incident has caused unwanted attention on France, where tourism has been greatly affected due to a series of terrorist attacks.