Kim Cattrall on CBS Gaffe: ‘I Couldn’t Be More Proud’

Kim Cattrall

How would Samantha Jones react if she learned of the rumours that she has a young and handsome prime minister for a son? The “Sex and the City” siren might be aghast, but the actress playing her, Kim Cattrall, is not.

Cattrall was wrongly identified as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mum during “60 Minutes,” a program on CBS. According to NY Daily News, “60 Minutes” was profiling the popular prime minister on Sunday when they showed a photo of Cattrall with Trudeau’s father. Pierre Trudeau was the Canadian Prime Minister between 1968–1979 and 1980–1984. The picture was supposedly taken at the Canadian Genie Awards in 1981 by the Toronto Star photographer.

However, Stuff.co.NZ states that the current prime minister’s parents —Pierre and Margaret Trudeau—had been in the news for dating a slew of celebrities back then after their marriage broke up. Sometimes, some of their high-profile link ups made it to the headlines in Canada.

Stuff.co.NZ further reveals that Cattrall had indeed attended the 1981 Genie Awards with Pierre Trudeau in the photograph. “I asked myself, ‘How do you go about getting a date with the prime minister?’ and then I just decided to call him up and ask for one,” she told Macleans in their issue published on March 23, 1981.

CBS was quick to realise its gaffe and responded with an apology, saying that they were indeed sorry for the error on the several videos and photographs of Margaret Trudeau that were telecast. “It was corrected online last night,” revealed a “60 Minutes” spokesman.

Kim Cattral rose to fame for her portrayal of Samantha Jones on “Sex and the City.” The actress was amused by this misunderstanding and took to Twitter, saying she “couldn’t be more proud.” This was followed by hilarious reactions of some of the Twitter users who demanded her face be printed on Canada’s $20 dollar bill, reveals NY Daily News.

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