It looks like we have to be more observant near seas where bizarre things are likely to happen. After a giant fossilized shark tooth was found on a North Carolina beach, a new video circulating the web shows a killer whale throwing a seal 80 feet into the air.

Watch video here:

Most people would find the footage awesome. It’s not every day you get to see a video featuring sea creatures in defining moments. But for the seal, he was definitely not enjoying the moment. According to Digital Journal, the killer whale or orca, known as T69C, was preparing to eat the poor seal. Seals are reported be the staple food for most killer whales.

The site mentions that Mike Walker of Roll Focus Productions caught the flipping moment while they were shooting a promotional video for a whale-watching company named Eagle Wing Tours. He was lucky to film the spectacular moment at the coast of Victoria in Vancouver, Island on Sunday afternoon.

To date, the video posted on the team’s Facebook page has more than 300,000 views. The same video was also posted on Youtube which now has attracted more than 90,000 views. Viewers can hear the joyous reaction of Walker and his companions as they witnessed the awesome sea moment. One was even heard saying that the seal was “80 feet up in the air.”

Walker told the National Post that the flipping scene was a way of killer whales to hunt their prey. He said, “We do a ton of whale watching, but this is fairly rare. Brett Soberg, owner of Eagle Wing, mentioned to us that it’s only the fourth time he’s seen an orca do that in about 20 years. It was spectacular. You can hear me yelling ‘Yes!’ over and over in the video.”

What do you think of the video?