‘Kill Bill 3’ Movie Trailer, Release Date & Plot: Everything You Need to Know!


Ace director Quentin Tarantino offered some hints on what direction “Kill Bill 3” may take.

For some, there are few options to go around in the sequel since Bill had been killed in the previous movie which was released more than a decade ago.

However, Tarantino hinted that Bill could still be alive after all.

During the San Diego Comic Con last July, Tarantino said “We’ll see. Never say never. We’ll see when it comes to ‘Kill Bill 3′.”

Reddit user Jordan Lund shared the same theory. Movie News Guide noted that the essence of his argument is pretty compelling.

“During the end credits, each of the people on the list who died gets a line through their name. Daryl Hannah is marked with a question mark because she was left alive… But Bill? Bill’s name isn’t marked at all,” he wrote.

According to Nerd Core Movement, Tarantino also teased making the next “Kill Bill” movie when it is the right time to create a realistic new storyline which may focus on Vernita Green’s daughter.

In “Kill Bill: Volume 2,” the “Bride” killed her old comrade, Vernita, in front of her daughter and told the little girl that one day she will seek revenge as well.

Tarantino has not forgotten that line but laughingly said, “We’ve got to wait for Vernita’s daughter to get old enough to kill her so we’ll see.”

Meanwhile, Tarantino added that Uma Thurman is very much willing to do the third volume of the franchise and he admitted that they talk about it every once in a while.

In previous interview with MTV, Thurman said she always wanted to do “Kill Bill 3”, but ultimately it is Tarantino who will decide if there will be part three or none at all.

“He’s so full of bean and ideas that he’ll either have the lightning bolt of inspiration about it or he won’t. So who knows?” Thurman told the site.

Tarantino is currently working on the release of his latest movie “The Hateful Eight,” which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

“The Hateful Eight” opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

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