The Australian band 5SOS has been rocking out in the music industry for almost five years. The pop rock group started out as YouTube celebrities until One Direction gave them the opportunity to play in one of their concerts. Now, another pop rock band is following their footsteps, meet Kid Zr0.

The promising band is consists of  Brandon Alexander for vocals, Jamie Bailey and Jacob Richardson for guitars, Lee Hackney for bass, and Bailey Graeber for drums. They are all under 18.

According to The Courier, their music is kind of “Blink 182 meets 5SOS.” The boys skyrocketed to fame after Pink shared their cover of her hit Just Like Fire in social media.

Their cover became an instant hit until it reaches the artist managers, Michael Browning and Brent Jeffrey. Then, the managers gave them the opportunity to sign in for Loudmouth Records.

Notably, Browning and Jeffrey were also the managers of AC/DC, Natasha Bedingfield, and The Script.  According to Jeffrey, Kid Zr0 continues to amaze them.

The manager went on to exclaim that the upcoming Aussie quartet is more driven and work-oriented. The boys are also starting a fan base entitled “Zr0 Heroes.” Watch the band’s clip below:

On the other hand, 5SOS is currently busy with their Sounds Live Feel Live tour. They are invading the United States and Canada for the third leg.

Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin have been on tour since February. They started the leg in Asia and then Europe.

After the event in the U.S., they will head straight to Mexico and will finish the leg in Australia in October. The second headliner concert their way of thanking fans around the world for the success of their sophomore album, Sounds Good Feels Good.

Their smashing hits include She’s Kinda Hot, Hey Everybody, and Jet Black Heart, to name few. Catch the rest of the band’s tour dates and venues via 5SOS Live.

Will Kid Zr0 step up to the music industry as 5SOS did? Which band sounds better? Let us know in the comments below!