Lamar Odam is getting back to his old bad ways, and this is upsetting Khloe Kardashian as hell. Though she may have supported Lamar on his recovery but now not anymore.

He was again spotted at Johnny O’Brien’s pub in L.A.’s Sherman Oaks neighborhood, a day before he attended the Easter Party with the Kardashians. Lamar does not seem to listen to anyone. His recent recovery after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel, heavily drunk, only adds ground to the fact that he can always recover.Nothing will happen to him.He says,”Nothing will happen to me. Look how I survived this last one.” Though Kardashian, 31, still insists him to take care of his health,an insider told US Weekly.

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Since his hospitalization last year, Khloe has been financially supporting him.The couple even called off their divorce because of his health issues. Khloe still cares for her husband but does not seem to be romantically linked to him. The two are ne ver getting back together.

Khloe thinks of her relationship with Lamar as confusing. She revealed how openly the family accepted the 36-year-old player to Instyle Weekly.“I love and adore Lam, but I would always feel so bad for him because his mother passed away, and then his grandmother who raised him passed away, and then his father — I love his father — but it was always take, take, take, take, take,” she said.

After a series of life threatening attacks, Lamar needs to live a clean life.He needs to stay away from alcohol, a source at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles told PEOPLE.

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Khloe on her show said Lamar admitted “I was self-sabotaging myself because I never felt love that was that pure. I was confused why no one wanted anything else from me but just me.” “This is a huge wakeup call for Lamar, for his friends and family,” a Kardashian insider said.”Everyone is just really hoping for the best.”