Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kettering Incident Season 2 Cancelled? Worst Finale Episode Ever?

Kettering Incident Season 2 Cancelled? Worst Finale Episode Ever?



Its finale episode seemed to fall short of expectations and left fans with more questions than answers. Thus, how would it affect prospects for Kettering Incident Season 2?

Audiences were optimistic for the Kettering Incident earlier hailed as one of the more promising TV shows to hit Australia this 2016. From its premiere episode, it piqued the curiosity of fans as it raised interesting points. Thus, it laid the foundation for the season’s storyline. It offered a look at how it all began for Anna in Kettering. Moreover, it gave insight into her traumatic experience.

Audiences looked forward to every episode to find out what happens next. They anticipated the finale would bring together all the clues. However, the opposite seemed to have happened. It failed to answer their questions or shed light on the mysteries in Kettering. Thus, their disappointment at the end.

The lack of news about Kettering Incident Season 2 would also add to the frustration of viewers, although the Facebook message posted by series’ co-creator Victoria Madden might offer some hope for it.

“Your theories as the series progressed have astounded and surprised us – sometimes dangerously close to the truth, sometimes wild enough to make us all fear for your sanity. Hopefully what happened is just the beginning…” Madden wrote. According to The Queensland Times, neither Foxtel nor Screen Tasmania has come forward to announce its renewal for Kettering Incident Season 2.

Hence, Seanna Cronin of QT surmised fans might have to settle for their own theories on what happened at Kettering. As it turns out, a Reddit thread started by fans of the show offers a venue for possible theories about the finale. The recent post suggested shape-shifting aliens and an angry Mother Nature who is into bio warfare.

Will Kettering Incident Season 2 push through?

  • UnoNoone

    worst ending ever.

    • PaultheBall

      No, Dexter had the worst ending ever… and if we’re lucky this wasn’t the ending.

  • Christopher Thomas

    I’ll take people who didn’t get it for $200, Alex.

  • Pieter

    Hopefully before they decide on another season they can use the time to get some acting lessons, hire a scriptwriter and find a plot. That was a disjointed wooden mess from start to finish.

  • Truth Detector

    So what, Aliens making human 2.0 clones in order to save mankind from themselves???? If they do have a Season Two, by the time it rolls around……. no one will care. This is why the entertainment industry sucks…….. The talent is gone. How is it that 40 years ago, that industry managed to produce 26-39 weeks of a show, have half the commercials, and STILL make a profit. I think that I will go read a book instead.

  • Amy Noelle


    I drank The Kettering Incident tea….

    And now I have a headache.

  • Reymondo Leon

    This was from the Damon Lindelof ‘Lost’ school of script writing, which for some reason is hailed as total genius – when all it does is con viewers into taking a ride to nowhere.

  • Reymondo Leon

    My guess at the ending is that Anna discovered she’s not Anna, and never has been.
    She is some other being/person/clone with imperfect memories implanted from the real Anna,
    explaining why she has all her mental problems.

  • Mocha Man

    Pure meaningless codswallop. There didn’t deserve to be a 1st series let alone a 2nd.

  • PaultheBall

    It’s OK to be confused and not have all the answers immediately, all of the time. It is a vulnerable position to place yourself in this age of information and instant gratification. Contrary to few of the more negative comments here I thought the acting was solid, the scenery simultaneously beautiful and bleak and the mood unsettling. I really hope there is a second season.

    • Sav

      It’s a shame people don’t appreciate the true art in filmmaking. I agree the acting and scenery were beautiful and I loved the constant eery feel especially with the music. I think they should be extremely proud and I really hope they continue!

  • Karina Horan

    I have loved watching this series including the final episode but there must be a second a season to tie it all together. Some series I have watched are better in their second season as that’s where the real action starts and the characters and storylines start to come together. I thought the casting and acting were superb throughout and the directing, too. Can’t wait for the second season!!!

    • Sav

      Couldn’t agree more

  • j corvett

    at least finish season two so we know wtf is going on!! lol

  • Sav

    It saddens me that people were left disappointed it’s an amazing show, Australia and Tassie should be proud! The cinematography was beautiful and the acting was perfect. It shouldn’t be cancelled just because some found it too confusing or different to what they expected.

  • chiefkurtz

    I was hoping Barb from ‘Stranger Things’ would be down in that tunnel.