Tilda Cobham-Hervey, who we know as Eliza Grayson in Aussie television drama The Kettering Incident, has recently shared some of the funnies secrets in her life. Tilda’s Grayson is a lost soul whose close friend goes missing in an isolated town.

In real life, Cobham-Hervey is a happy-go-lucky person who finds happiness in regular things including cheese toasties and half-witted television. Lucky are those who get to spend any time with this bubbly lass. The 22-year-old exudes an air of positivity wherever she goes. She managed to win hearts through her funny and mischievous personality.

The News Corp Australia team first spotted her at The Kettering Incident production office two years back. The Adelaide-born actress was riding a bicycle complete with a wicker basket, wearing a yellow raincoat and a smile like sunshine. The source team describes her super chirpy appearance simply makes her unforgettable.

Cobham-Hervey confessed she would send anonymous letters to strangers. Why? Because such dare helps her believe her connection to the wider community. In her words: “People could sign up on this website and then I’d send them stuff. Some are really long letters, some things are really silly. It’s just this idea of how fun it is to get something in the post.”

The news source conveyed her history is even more engaging. The star ran away from the circus she helped start as a 14-year-old. Her intention was to join films. Cobham-Hervey got her first break at the age of 16 in 52 Tuesdays in 2011. Her character Billie received heaps of praises from the viewers and critics.

Tilda Cobham-Hervey as Billie in 52 Tuesdays

The young diva has also won a lot of friends in the cast with her off-set antics. She loves to spread happiness. Tilda Cobham-Hervey has mastered the tricks of bringing a smile on other people’s faces. In her downtime, she loves to bake and deliver her goodies to those living in rented accommodation nearby, reports News Corp Australia.

“I made these scones and delivered them around to everyone. It felt like a country town, but it was so beautiful,” The Kettering Incident star communicated.

Tilda Cobham-Hervey has stunned everyone not just with her acting, but also with her cheerful character. To watch more of her, tune in to the supernatural series The Kettering Incident every Monday at 8:30 pm on Foxtel’s showcase channel.