Media personality Kerri Anne-Kennerley’s latest interview with Mike Willesee on Channel Seven’s “Sunday Night” revealed the pain and trauma of not knowing how her husband will recover.

Kennerley’s husband, John, hurt his neck in a tragic fall after a golf tournament at Coffs Harbour, reveals Kennerley has been by her husband’s side for around five weeks now and told “Sunday Night’s” Willesee that this is her new life. “My life … as we knew it … 80 percent has gone. My life as I knew it is over. That was — that was history,” she said in the interview.

“This is now a new life. Because he is my priority. And getting him back home would just, you know, that’ll be the best thing since sliced bread. Way in the future,” she added.

John has been diagnosed with incomplete quadriplegia after he fractured his C3 and C4 vertebrae in the tragic fall at Coffs Harbour, informs Woman’s Day. This has left him unable to breathe on his own and needs a ventilator to do so. He also cannot use his arms and legs though he can feel Kennerley’s touch. The former “Good Morning Australia” host stated that her husband knows how tough it is and full recovery is unlikely.

“This is a man in pain. He can’t eat. He’s being fed by a tube. He can’t speak. He can’t breathe,” revealed Kennerley. “He’s trapped in his mind, he’s trapped in his body. He can’t touch me. All I can do is ever so gently hold his head and one shoulder and kiss him,” she added.

However, things are moving slowly and steadily. Kennerley has not left her husband’s side and says that she is seeing progress. She said that his communication skills are showing positive changes from merely pointing letters on an alphabet chart to being able to say a few words, informs The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“I want him back so bad. I want him to actually be as happy and have the creativity that he’s always loved and enjoyed,” said a brave-faced Kerri Anne-Kennerley as parting words.