Rumors about Keith Urban Nicole Kidman divorce has been on the Internet for months. What, or who could be the reason behind their marriage trouble? Find out the details below.

Kidman will star in an upcoming film entitled The Beguiled with Collin Farrell. However, this spiced up the issue about the actress’ ongoing struggle with her husband.

The duo has an undeniable chemistry on screens. But insiders claimed that Kidman and Farrell were “extremely close” behind the scenes.

According to a source from Celeb Dirty Laundry, the whole production team thinks that the pair up is almost perfect. While the crew might be the one to see what the twosome is doing, others are wondering if she’s cheating on Urban with her co-actor.

“They are getting way too close. Everyone is talking about it. Nothing is going on yet. But these two are very close,” quotes the website.

Yet? so does that indicate that the fans do not have to wait long for Keith Urban Nicole Kidman divorce to be official?

The website continues to claim that Kidman must be enjoying her closeness to Farrell. The Australian country singer was also rumored to be cheating on her with p-and-coming country star Kelsea Ballerini.

Given these speculations, the outlet concludes without a concrete piece of evidence that the Moulin Rouge star is trying to turn the table against Urban by doing the same.

Despite the malicious controversies, the 48-year old singer opened up about writing songs about their struggles on Urban Mag (via Soap Crush). He said that it must be normal for the couples to experience difficulties.

But as a married couple, they still manage to overcome the hardships. Several controversies have plagued the duo and her alleged affair with Collin Farrell is just one of them.

On the other hand, the actress is yet to confirm or deny the reports. Do you think Keith Urban Nicole Kidman divorce news are true? Stay tuned for more updates.