Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom really split up? Bloom was recently spotted cosying up to Selena Gomez. Was the actor cheating on Perry this whole time?

According to Hollywood Life, Perry and Bloom are still together. However, Perry does seem to think Gomez got a little too close. “Katy is leaning towards trusting Orlando and is thinking that he did nothing wrong…even though the pictures appear to show something different,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “She is currently more pissed at Selena and wants her to stay away from Orlando at all costs. Katy doesn’t trust her.”

Bloom and Gomez were photographed together at a Las Vegas nightclub on Friday night. According to People, Gomez was there to celebrate her upcoming “Revival” tour. She hung out at a VIP table with her friends and backup dancers. Bloom, on the other hand, “inconspicuously” sat at an adjacent table.  Someone was later able to snap a photo of Bloom kissing Gomez on the cheek.

Perry still wants to get to the bottom of things, though. “She is still looking to find out exactly what happened and has a lot more questions than answers right now. Things are pretty tense and can turn on a dime. But her mindset is currently putting blame on Selena,” Hollywood Life’s source said.

In a separate report, Hollywood Life also said that Katy Perry’s friends have always been worried about her boyfriend. “This is so heartbreaking for Katy,” a source said. “Her friends [were] worried about Orlando’s reputation as a player and warned Katy to be careful when they first hooked up…He really had her believing he was head over heels for her and all in as far as a serious committed relationship.”

Meanwhile, People’s source earlier clarified that Gomez and Bloom are “absolutely just friends.”