Katy Perry might be releasing her new album this year before her 2017 world tour, Inquisitr reported.

The report mentioned that the “Dark Horse” singer will be making herself busy creating music after a long break. She confirmed her simultaneous plans on a new tour and album in that same year.

However, new reports indicate that Katy Perry may have thought about launching her fourth album earlier than her world tour next year though the singer does not want to rush to release it.

According to KPopStarz, she explained why she’s not rushing everything in the moment and why the need to pause for a bit. She called it her “research and development phase.”

Katy said, “I’ve been going at it for eight or nine years in the spotlight, and then before that, there’s that decade of hustle that never gets recognized but still shows up in your wrinkles.”

“So right now I’m taking a little time. I don’t want to jump on any trends. I just need to evolve. I do my records in a more traditional way, where the cycle is three years, so that once I start writing them, I know exactly where I’ll be in spring of 2018.”

“That can get a little bit like ‘Ugh.’ I need a little bit more freedom, especially when I’ve been doing it for this long,” the 31-year-old singer continued.

She also mentioned her hiatus last year including the noticeably lesser number tweets from her Twitter account. “I’m not trying to feed the meter so much these days. I did that for so long.

Katy Perry announced that during her comeback in 2017, she’ll be updating her fans much more and make her Twitter account active again.

“I think when I come back and have more to say and want to tell certain stories, I want to be all out. I think it’s time to take a break, there’s a thing call being super overexposed. You want people to miss you,” she explained.