Royal couple Prince Williams and Kate Middleton is expecting their third child. The news has come following a long series of online rumors.

The couple has been struggling to keep their marriage alive, according to latest reports. The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge went on a 10-day excursion to France, which was considered a sudden getaway planned to save the marital bond. According to reports, Middleton is reportedly “pregnant and anxious” these days.

The third baby is said to arrive in December 2016 though no official announcement of the news has yet been made. The prince, meanwhile, is ready to go on a Royal visit to Germany alone. He would not take his wife and children Prince George and Princess Charlotte with him because of the duchess’ pregnancy. The prince is due to attend an event in North Rhine-Westphalia for which he scheduled a trip to Dusseldorf.

“The Duke will visit Dusseldorf on 23 August to celebrate 70 years of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia,” according to Kensington Palace. “During the visit, HRH will attend events honoring the role of British Forces in Germany and the strong ties between NRW and Britain.”

Middleton is not joining the prince on the trip because of her pregnancy, the rumors revealed. However, a trip to Canada has been planned where the entire family will be vacationing in September. This tour will be the first international trip of the couple’s daughter. “There will be parts of the itinerary designed to include the children. The climate will be comfortable and a lot of outdoor activities will be part of the trip,” a source said as quoted by OK.

Where reports are claiming the pregnancy of Middleton, Inquisitr reported that it might be the health history of the duchess that was leading to crippling morning sickness. It is not the first time that the royal wife of the prince suffered such symptoms. The case was similar when she carried her previous children.