Kate Middleton, Prince William Scandal? Royal Couple Slammed for Being ‘Too Normal’

Kate Middleton Prince William divorce

Is being normal a bad thing? A royal chef thinks so and he has publicly spoken about his disappointment with Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lifestyle.

Darren McGrady is clearly not a big fan of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge‘s humble way of life. The chef who has served the royals for the last 15 years, including the late Princess Diana, was very vocal about the royal couple doing more charity work.

“If I have one complaint with William and Kate it is that they are being too normal,” McGrady said as reported by Daily Mail. “They need to be careful what they wish for because, for us, when the Queen came into the room we stood to attention, we bow and we only spoke to her if she spoke to us.”

The chef was also quick to criticise Prince William for being a helicopter pilot. “I’m certainly not trying to tell William what to do with his life, but the very fact that he is a helicopter pilot has changed things drastically,” he continued.

McGrady also gave his unsolicited advice when it came to hiring more help for the young royal family. He claimed that things should start to change soon since Middleton reportedly has her hands full with mom duties. “William and Kate still don’t have a chef but they’re going to have to get one for all the extra work involved with bringing in another royal baby.”

Despite all the criticisms and opinions about their family life, Prince William and Kate Middleton prove that their love and commitment for each other stands firm. The royal couple just recently celebrated their fifth year anniversary.

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