It’s been couple of months since the ‘love triangle’ in the Royal Palace has been abuzz on the Internet involving the royals’ PR man, Nick Loughran, Kate’s personal assistant, Rebecca Deacon and Prince Harry’s assistant, Clara Madden. Just recently, Nick and Clara were seen dating after their gym session.

In a report by Mail Online, Loughran, who recently quit his job as media advisor at the Kensington Palace, has been pictured with Prince Harry’s assistant, Madden. The two were seen in their workout gear while chatting and sipping their coffee as they walked down the street in south London.

The two were said to have started their relationship awkwardly since it became big news in the palace. It is also purportedly the reason why Loughran left his job. Mail Online has shared a photo of the two walking down the street in their workout gear.

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In a report by Parent Herald, the media advisor of the Palace left for a better career but rumors that it may be linked to the triangle still persist.

“Nick always planned to leave Kensington Palace to work in the private sector,” a friend of Loughran confirmed in response to questions  if the rumors were true. Meanwhile, three months before Loughran left his job, he dumped his former girlfriend Rebecca of two years in 2015. News is that he’s started dating Madden.

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Madden previously worked for Kate and Prince William while her brother is a member of The Queen’s Six, a group of singers who perform for the Royal Family.

Loughran is an associate director at Freuds, a PR company said to be one of the top media aids of the Palace. He has been praised for his work at the royal PR team, addressing him to be excellent, hard working and a thoughtful member of the team.

Despite being involved with ‘love triangle’ issues, the two seem happy and strong in their relationship. Loughran seems to have found a woman who shares his interests.