Is Kate Middleton expecting her third baby? Reports about the Duchess being pregnant have surfaced time and again. Now, she finds herself facing the same pregnancy rumors. It has been reported that the Duchess is four months on the family way and is expected to give birth to her third baby on Christmas.

Reports have it that the duke and duchess are rearranging their schedules in favor of another baby. If Prince William and Middleton do end up with their third child, the couple will have to make some changes to their royal tour plans for next year.

Although Middleton is not expecting a new baby yet, she and her husband are already taking several precautions just in case. The Duchess suffered from acute morning sickness with her two pregnancies previously. Sources close to the royal couple said that she is also concerned about the Zika virus, which is known to cause birth defects among unborn children. It seems that the Duchess is only taking precautions to keep herself away from the said virus. If she is pregnant by now, then she is still at risk for Zika.

The royal couple is scheduled to be in Canada from September 24 to October 1. It might be tough for the royal couple to proceed with the tour if the Duchess is indeed pregnant. Kensington Palace has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

Though Prince William and the Duchess always find themselves in the limelight, the royal couple does not always fancy the publicity. When they are not busy with their work, they are at their Norfolk mansion most of the time.

The Duchess being pregnant might be possible but this does not keep her from spending much of her time with their children. When at their 10-bedroom house, the royal kids get to lead quite normal lives. William and Kate Middleton allegedly plan to have four babies, at least.