Spotted! Kate Middleton has learned her lesson on her not-so-secret getaway and ditched the Kate Middleton nude sunbath ritual this time. Conflicting reports have surfaced regarding Kate’s companions. Some said Kate was alone while others believe Prince William and her two kids were with her.

Photos that surfaced showed Kate in a white two-piece bikini showing her lithe body.

Retracing the Duke and Duchess’ movements, the pair flew to the secluded beach in France by private jet. Like their first skiing trip, they borrowed from a close family friend, the Duke of Westminster. The secret trip is considered a private family vacation. This means the trip did not make use of any taxpayer’s money.

Meanwhile, due to the secretive nature of the getaway, it has given rise to wild speculations in the media. Some have speculated that Kate Middleton was taking a break from her royal marriage that is already on the rocks.

However, the speculation has since been tagged as baseless and purely based on loose conjectures.

As the royal family landed on the small local airport of Pau Pyrenees, locals told local media that Kate Middleton was going to visit relatives in the area.

Two heavily tinted Range Rover cars with UK-registered plates then whisked away the couple to the secluded beach.

To further confirm that the royal couple did visit the Pau Pyrenees beach, Scotland Yard officers scoured and inspected the area prior to the couple’s visit. While the couple will shoulder the private jet expenses, the British people will pay for the Scotland Yard officers’ time in relation to the royal couple’s security.

After the short beach getaway, the same Range Rovers drove the royal contingent to an undisclosed location, DailyMail reports.

As for Kate Middleton and her controversial pictures, no snaps showed the Kate Middleton nude sunbath. After the royal couple sued Closer for publishing the nude sunbathing photos of the princess, publishers and Kate alike have learned their lesson.

For now, the palace has not released any official details about the French getaway. If anything, it’s best to treat the getaway as private family time for the young royals.