A tattooed stripper tore apart his clothes in front of students. It was during an X-rated prank, and the onlookers included students as young as 13 years old. What adds to the news is that it is Kate Middleton’s former £30,000-a-year school.

At Marlborough College, Wiltshire, as a crowd of young girls assembled around the male performer, he ripped off his pants and was left only with skimpy blue thong. His striptease was a part of an end-of-term hijinks conducted by some of the older pupils of the prestigious school.

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He started his gig by showing up in a sailor costume. Known as Ross from Bristol, he lifted a teenage girl in the air, aping a sex act, and removed almost all of his clothes. As he disrobed, he threw his underwear at one girl’s face.  Regardless of being organised as a prank by senior pupils gearing up for their exam break, the entire act was performed pretty much within the view of girls and boys below 14 years, reports Mail Online .

As reported to  The Sun, a group of girls came across  the stripper at the entrance of the school and tiptoed him into the court area, which is the central hub of the school. They surrounded him, forming a circle. He peeled off everything until he was left with his G-string and started gyrating and grinding with some of the girls.

“Marlborough” counts as one of the most expensive schools in the country, and certainly, the parents would not appreciate that their children watched a sex show in school.

No staff could interfere as the stripper was not seen until after the commotion created post the adult-themed show. Teachers got only a glance of him as the girls who booked him rushed him off the school grounds.  However, the college has since labelled the prank ‘inappropriate’.

Meanwhile, Ross claims not being aware where he was performing until he came and was met by the girls. “I was told it was going to be for a girl’s birthday. I didn’t know I would be performing at a school,” he added.

Marlborough’s former students include the now Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton. Other eminent alumni include the Prime Minister’s wife Samantha Cameron, Bad Education star Jack Whitehall and Charles Darwin.