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Kate Middleton Nervous Breakdown: Duchess Solo Trip a Failure?

Kate Middleton

It was a baptism of fire for Kate Middleton who went on her first solo trip as a royal. No doubt, many want to know how well the Duchess of Cambridge did.

It has been five years since Kate Middleton joined the British royal family. Thus far, she and husband Prince William have abided by their duties to the crown. Yet despite their popularity, they manage to lead normal lives as they raise their two children.

Indeed, the public’s reception to the adorable young couple is quite strong. Consequently, it led to rumors they would take on to the throne once the Queen retires, although this would mean bypassing the natural order of succession, i.e., Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. The rumor remains unconfirmed to date.

Nevertheless, in preparation for their eventual roles as King and Queen, both have royal responsibilities to take care of. Hence, their various overseas trips. Their recent travel to Canada was a hit owing to the presence of their two lovely children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Then again, the same trip raised interest in the reportedly lavish expenditure on her wardrobe alone.

All eyes are once again on the Duchess as she embarked on her first overseas trip without Prince William. How did she fare? Well, it would seem the royal might have had some trouble.

“By the clenched look on her face and her slouched appearance, it’s more than apparent that Kate Middleton feels both uncomfortable and awkward in the Netherlands alone,” Celebrity Dirty Laundry described the Duchess’ demeanor. Apparently, Kate is more at ease with her husband and her brother-in-law Harry by her side on such occasions. No doubt, both men are used to the attention, having grown up in the royal family.

Thus, it might take a bit more time and a few more solo trips before the Duchess is fully at ease. Nonetheless, the future queen remained charming and received a warm welcome from her adoring fans.

Is Queen Elizabeth happy about the first solo trip of Kate Middleton?

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