Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Kate Middleton Hollywood Debut Soon?

Kate Middleton Hollywood Debut Soon? em Quadro


Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is one among the most influential women of our time. To date, the world has seen her appearances in high-profile international events representing her country.  A recent buzz hints that Kate’s Hollywood dreams might shape into a reality soon. Is Kate Middleton Hollywood debut just around the corner? Let us find out.

According to the grapevine, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres is willing to meet her distant, royal cousin Kate Middleton. DeGeneres recently admitted that she wants to learn more about the Duchess of Cambridge.

Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton are 15th cousins through their common ancestor, Sir Thomas Fairfax. However, both of them are yet to meet in person. In the meantime, popular talk show presenter is keeping her door open in hopes that Kate will visit her in Los Angeles soon. Ellen also wishes to talk about their personal lives apart from their family’s history.  Ellen DeGeneres is looking forward to meeting the entire royal family as well.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are known for their courteous nature which has come as a part of their royal etiquette. Thus, it won’t be wrong to believe that the royal pair would love to jet to Hollywood to meet Kate Middleton’s cousin.

Kate Middleton has a penchant for Hollywood and its ever-changing trends.   We have seen her exuding the royal glam on the red carpet and striking poses with the top names in the industry.

Describing her unparalleled sense of fashion Nigel Lythgoe the presenter and Chairman of Bafta Los Angeles quoted : “She[Kate] has what Simon Cowell would say is, the X-factor,”according to Mail Online.

Kate Middleton’s Hollywood popularity and her Hollywood bloodline Ellen DeGeneres can be enough reason for us to speculate that Her Royal Highness might make a Hollywood debut soon.

A trip to California in the near future isn’t a bad idea for the royals especially if we consider the Duke and Duchess’ charity work. In effect, Ellen DeGeneres’s invitation would definitely be the talk of Kensington Palace, as the royals would no doubt board the next flight to LAX at any given moment, reports Celeb Dirty Laundry.

This invitation has widened the scope for Kate Middleton Hollywood appearance.