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Kate Middleton Flirting with Another Man? Partying with New Hairstyle

The Duchess of Cambridge is again making headlines for another bold choice in her style. This time, it is with her long brunette locks that many fans have adored.

Vanity Fair reports that the Duchess, still fondly known by many as Kate Middleton, has gotten a haircut. The website reports that Kate sported her new look at a charity event (ICAP 23rd Charity Day) in London.

According to the Mirror, ICAP’s Charity Day is raising money for charities like SportsAid and Place2Be to which Kate Middleton is a patron.

However, although Kate’s agenda in the event is to support her cause, the Mirror reports that the attention of the fans were focused on Kate Middleton’s new hairdo.

Below are some photos of the Duchess with a shorter–but still beautiful–hair.

On another note, another thing that has been a focus on the charity event is Kate’s apparent flirting. E! Online reports that the Duchess’ husband, Prince William, caught her wife “getting a little flirty on the phone while speaking to a broker.”

E! Online quotes the Duke of Cambridge in saying:

“Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now! (then adds) Sorry, my wife is just embarrassing me!”

However, the website clears it up that the exchange was nothing but playful banter between husband and wife. E! Online points out that Kate Middleton showcased her skills in engaging in business transactions in an effort to out-earn her husband.

Apart from the Duke and Duchess’ encounter with the brokers, US Weekly reports that the event also featured other fun stuff. Among the highlights of the charity day include celebrating Hollywood and Day of the Dead themes as well as a basketball-themed section.

US Weekly further reports that Kate and William even engaged in a game of pingpong to which William taunted his wife not to be “too much polite” in the game.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are parents to Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 7 months old.

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