The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton surprised passengers when she flew commercial on British Airways. Passengers were in shock when the Princess stepped onto the plane for the 7:15 flight form Netherlands going to London.

Kate was still wearing her gorgeous pale blue skirt by Catherine Walker while riding the plane together with her bodyguards. What made the people astounded was why Kate Middleton would be riding a commercial liner and not a private plane.

According to E! News, the flight with British Airways was part of Kate’s first solo royal trip abroad flying without her husband, Prince William.

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Despite flying commercial, Kate sat on first class. She tried to keep a low profile, but it still didn’t stop passengers from taking out their mobile phones and snapping photos of the Duchess. During the British Airways flight, Kate was reportedly treated just like any other passenger by the airline crew.

Meanwhile, in a report by Lifestyle, before the flight going back to London, Kate spent some time with King Willem-Alexander when she stopped by the Mauritshuis Gallery in the Netherlands.

Aside from riding a commercial plane that surprised people. There are a couple of times that Kate has proven that her being a princess is just a title and she’s just like normal people.

Kate is known to recycle her own outfits. A lot may think that being a royal means she should not be wearing the same outfit twice or a couple of times. But not for Kate. She’s been seen to wear the same boots from time to time and she does not mind at all.

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On the other hand, she also does her own grocery shopping and she shops online as well. The 35-year old mother has been spotted a couple of times in the local grocery store.

She doesn’t mind buying from online shops and she even regularly buys her children clothes online. That makes her a really cool royal mom.

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