Kate Hudson, JJ Watt Dating? He Admits She’s the Hottest!

Kate Hudson cute obvious Snapchats 'Date' With NFL Player J.J. Watt, Watt admits Hudson is hot in the video

Is romance is in the air? American actress Kate Hudson went on a cute date with NFL star J.J. Watt on Monday night, April 11, reveals a 40-second Snapchat video taken by themselves. And it won’t be unfair to say it was probably one of the most desirable dates right now.

The clip which went online publicly opens with a smiling Hudson, who turns 37 on Tuesday, wearing a dark spaghetti strap top and beaded necklace. Her blonde tresses in soft waves were complimented well with a Snapchat’s glowing, animated tiara of stars. The actor went back and forth between herself and Watt, 27, while using the messaging app’s stars filter on her phone. The video kind of filled with a flirty air, when the illuminated stars wouldn’t appear when Watt comes into frame.

The blonde beauty at one point has captioned the video, “J.J. don’t get no stars….? This is not right.” Watt appeared on the screen and asks in a confused voice, “How come I don’t get any stars?” Hudson replies funnily, “I don’t know.” As she laughs, Watt jokes, “Well, I’m not worthy of the stars !” The pair continues to try the Snapchat’s filter, with Watt playfully growing a bit more frustrated each time, as Hudson continues to laugh.

“I’m just gonna steal your stars,” the Houston Texans defensive end Watt tells  the “Almost Famous” star, as she can still be seen smiling with the gleaming  crown. Admitting that Hudson is the hottest, he added in an indirect tone, “Apparently the stars belong to the hottest one on the date.”

Finally, Hudson looked focused as she held the camera on her before saying, “This is gonna be the one J.J.” and turning the camera toward him.

After a few seconds, the stars then finally did crown the NFL player’s head, which made him shout in excitement.

Kate Hudson cute obvious Snapchats 'Date' With NFL Player J.J. Watt, Watt admits Hudson is hot in the video youtube/FanDuel


This is the first confirmed date for the athlete and the “The How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days” actress, says Daily Mail.

On Saturday, Watt had also shared a Snapchat post of a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, chocolate chip cookies, and roses, without mentioning who they were for.

Now that things seem to be pretty clear to the world. Whether this adorable date is just the beginning of serious dating series, that we will come to know in time.

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