Kanye West New Album 2015 Tracklist & Download: Everything You Should Know!

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Kanye West’s new album for 2015 is creating quite the news and there is no denying how eagerly fans are awaiting its release.

Expected to be out this year, fans are constantly seeking information on the much-awaited 2015 album by Kanye. First, the change in name of the album garnered attention. The album was previously called “So Help Me God” and as shared by Kanye on his official Twitter account, the album has been renamed to “SWISH.”

He also mentioned how it may be changed again and fans may want to keep an eye out for that as well.

Fans also got to hear what is probably a fake leak of a song by a Reddit user. As reported by The Independent, a Reddit user had claimed to have got his hands on a complete recording of the album through a listening party.

The source through which the user claimed to have received the full recording, should have been a major red flag since it is highly unlikely that the popular singer would be holding a listening party while the album is still in the works. Furthermore, the recording was mainly just white noise and random sounds.

Fans are holding onto any information they can get and only last week Kanye debuted a new track. Reported by The Verge, at the New York Fashion Week show rightly called Yeezy Season 2, Kanye brought out a completely new track which could possibly be a part of his “SWISH” album.

Kanye fans cannot be blamed since the singer is taking his time to release the much-awaited album and a glimpse into it is definitely welcome. The new song is titled “Fade” and features Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone heavily.

As noted by The Verge, the new song followed in the lines of “Wolves” and it samples Harddrive’s house anthem, “Deep Inside.”

“SWISH” by Kanye West is expected to arrive this year and fans can keep coming back for more updates on the album and its exact launch date.

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