Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” album finally arrived in the early morning of February 14. For months, fans eagerly awaited the arrival of what West earlier called “the best album of all time”

“The Life of Pablo” offers 17 tracks. HollywoodLife noted the significant presence of shocking lyrics that include rapping about sexual intercourse with his wife, Kim Kardashian, and dissing Taylor Swift.

However, one question remains: Who is Pablo?

Other news from HollywoodLife reported Kardashian’s Instagram post about Pablo’s identity. As it turns out, Pablo is Kanye.

West’s wife posted a photo with the caption “PABLO.” It featured a guy “wearing a very fashionable, bedazzled jacket, a faded tee, brown jeans and a gold pendant.” Incidentally, West wore the same jacket at the dinner following the Yeezy 3 premiere.


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Kylie Jenner, West’s sister-in-law, provided additional proof. In one of her Snapchat soap opera dramas, Kardashian sits down for a talk with Jenner’s pal, Harry Hudson, who jokingly confessed about wanting to get with the reality star. Kardashian replied, “Harry, you know I’m married to Pablo”.

After several title changes, West posted the album’s final name on Twitter. He even offered prizes to whoever could guess the meaning of T.L.O.P.

The Mirror reported that only 20-year-old Kanye West fan, Dante Holley from New Jersey, guessed the acronym correctly. The website cited Holley’s interview with MTV News about how he did it.

“When I first saw [T.L.O.P.] I initially thought it’d be ‘the something of something,’ and then I thought The Life Of The Party,” Holley said.

“But then I was listening back to the first two singles he dropped [Real Friends and No More Parties in L.A.] to look for clues. And that’s when I heard the lyric, ‘I feel like Pablo when I’m working on my shoes.'”