Everyone is quite familiar with Kanye West getting pampered by his mother in law, Kris Jenner. Since he moved to Jenner’s mansion with wife Kim Kardashian and daughter North West, as their home is being renovated, the rapper has been given special privileges and treated like The President already, as Hollywood Life reported.

Yeezy is treated like a king where he is served with his a-la-carte breakfast every morning and his mother in law updating him with daily news and gossip as he eats.

“Kris has spoiled Kanye rotten. She cooks for him. Cleans for him. Handles his laundry and even folds his clothes in the specific way that Kanye likes it,” an insider told Hollywood Life.

Yeezy was enjoying every bit of this royal treatment until an intruder entered his life. The intruder is none other than Kris Jenner’s 35-year-old boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

Kanye, according to the source, feels terribly embarrassed when he hears his mother-in law moaning while making love to her man in the room next to his. Corey and Jenner’s sex life is getting on the rapper’s nerves especially when he has to stay in the room with his wife and 2 year old daughter.

While Kanye and Kim have been vocal about their sex life, the two doesn’t seem to be enjoying Kris’ bedroom escapades.

Notably, Kanye is not the only family member who is embarrassed by Kris Jenner’s sex life. His 31 year old sister in law, Khloe Kardashian, commented about several incidents where she and sister Kim overheard their mother having sex with her beau.

The Daily Mail reported about Khloe telling Complex Magazine, “Hearing them have sex is wild and I’m traumatised. Kim and I did. ‘We were downstairs, and we just heard like [claps]. It’s really a traumatising thing. And the headboard just going…. And then it was dead silent and then they went again for round two.’