Kanye West In Debt? ‘Making Millions From All Attention’


Is Kanye West really in debt? In the past week, West ranted on Twitter about being in debt. This revelation came out on the heels of the rapper’s recent launch of Yeezy season 3, “The Life of Pablo,” and his new video game.

However, HollywoodLife revealed the truth behind his statements.

An insider told HollywoodLife, “Kanye is not $53 million in debt. He has several businesses and investments, from his clothing line to restaurants to music worth millions.”

The insider added, “He is a master in marketing and is doing everything he can to generate interest in his album, Tidal and his clothing line. From claiming Bill Cosby is innocent, to dissing Taylor Swift, to suggesting that he’s running for president and making wild claims about being in debt, Kanye is doing exactly what he set out to do — create tremendous buzz and interesting in his business endeavours. He will make millions and millions more from all this attention.”

Lately, the rapper has become widely known for his Twitter rants.

In one of his latest tweets, the rapper explained about recent his appeal to Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook.

The rapper’s Twitter rant continued with the statement, “Also for anyone that has money they know the first rule is to use other people’s money.”

With all the hype surrounding West’s recent tweets about being in debt, a source revealed to People that he and his wife, reality star Kim Kardashian, keep their finances separate.

The source told People that both “make a lot of money, and money is not a problem with them.”

However, the source added, “They keep their accounts basically separate.” The insider further explained that West will “talk about ‘my money’ and ‘her money.'”

People cited the couple’s individual rankings in the 2015 list of Forbes’ highest-paid celebrities in the world. Kardashian landed at the 33rd spot. West was not on the 2015 list. However, West did rank No. 20 in 2014.

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