More proof of Justin Bieber Sofia Richie dating recently emerged. Yet it also revealed her similarity with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Beliebers did not seem to take kindly to news of Justin Bieber Sofia Richie dating. They bashed her on social media, which prompted their idol to issue an ultimatum. Even the intervention of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez did not help matters. Moreover, it appeared to bring up past wounds between the two and sparked a word war.

Alas, it ended with the Biebs shutting down his Instagram account. Hence, his action sparked rumors he is still not over Selena Gomez. Then again, recent pictures from his Los Cabos vacation with Sofia Richie would likely quiet them.

The Canadian singer skipped the MTV VMA 2016 event. As it turns out, he spent Sunday on a romantic cruise with his ladylove. According to Mail Online, their getaway was likely in honor of her birthday last August 24.

Their romance was evident aboard the deck of the cruise ship. Paparazzi also shot pics of the two kissing as well as their reenactment of the iconic Titanic scene. However, the swimsuits worn by his new girlfriend looked a bit familiar to fans. Thus, it begged the question did she copy Selena’s style? Was it only a coincidence? Perhaps, the better question is–did Justin notice the similarity?

Apparently, it was not the first time Sofia Richie wore something similar to Selena Gomez.

Nevertheless, the romantic celebration seemed to go into overdrive. The Canadian singer had heart shaped candle settings laid out for Sofia. The vacation must have been good for Justin as he reportedly reactivated his Instagram account. However, the report was premature. The Canadian singer tweeted it was only a mistake. Thus, the wait is still on for when his Instagram account is active again.

Stay tuned for more updates on Justin Bieber Sofia Richie dating.