One of the most celebrated youths singing sensation pair of recent time has always been in the news, not just for their musical creations, but their on-off relationship status. The world saw Selena Gomez being loud and clear that she is happy and moved on after she broke up with her long-time boyfriend Justin Beiber in 2014. Is it the reality? Doesn’t seem so! Currently, Justin Bieber is dating Sofia Richie. Is Justin Bieber Sofia Richie dating causing Selena Gomez to breakdown? Here is the story!

Soon after the split between Gomez and Bieber, she said she has no business with him anymore. In fact, she got connected to many men and the list includes names like Charlie Puth, DJ Zed, Niall Horan, and Orlando Bloom. But looks like all those relationships were just hogwash. She could never get over Bieber. “The Heart Wants What it Wants” Selena told in a recent interview in a magazine. She also added that Bieber was very rude as he realized that her ex-boyfriend was finally over her.


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If to be believed the feeds by an insider, Selena is sobbing badly most of the times and going panic-stricken. Presently she is in an emotional rut when she got to know that Bieber is allegedly dating 18-year-old Sofia Richie. Even, the Baby singer has confessed that he is quite serious about Richie. Adding to Gomez’s trauma is Bieber’s revelation to her that Richie is the first girl he has had strong feelings. This has completely devastated Gomez emotionally and since then she is unable to recover, reports Hollywoodlife.

Their bitterness has reached social media. Now the duo will make it public what the reason behind their break up was.  Especially Selena, who is going through an emotional trauma, is ready to go all out about their relationship. In fact, she is heard saying that Bieber cheated on her multiple times when they were together. To which Justin hit back by claiming that she was engaged in a romantic break with Zayn Malik behind his back.

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It is shocking to see that once the same Selena, who was quite respectable about Bieber, even after their unceremonious split, isn’t the same anymore. She is in a good mood to take on him. The question is whether she can really get over Bieber? Or Justin Bieber Sofia Richie dating will cause Selena Gomez to completely breakdown?