Justin Bieber is sporting a new hairstyle – this time it’s a pastel purple hair.

Justin Bieber spent some time Friday night at Nine Zero One hair salon in Beverly Hills.  By the time he walked out of the establishment, he had a whole new hairstyle, PerezHilton reported.

The singer shared on Instagram some photos of his new hairstyle, one of which was while he was sitting on the hood of Lewis Hamilton’s million-dollar Ferrari this weekend.

The “Sorry” singer later took the attention off his hair when he posted a couple of selfies, in which he was just wearing a towel and showing off his sculpted abs to the delight of his 54 million followers. Justin Bieber captioned the photo: “Back in the gym.”

back in the gym,

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Hours later, his hair looked like it was bleached-out again and it seemed like the pastel-pony hair was just an experiment, GQ magazine wrote.

The Canadian singer has been working with his stylist Florido for a longtime now. He has been known for trying different hairstyles and colors as well. Here are five of Justin’s best hairstyles to date.

1. Bangs Hairstyle

wikipedia.org/Kevin Aranibar wikipedia.org/Kevin Aranibar

wikipedia.org/Kevin Aranibar

2. Short Spiked Hairstyles

wikipedia.org/Joe Bielawa wikipedia.org/Joe Bielawa

wikipedia.org/Joe Bielawa

3. Long Spiked Hairstyle

Great day

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4. Clean Undercut Hairstyle

5. Long and Wavy Hairstyle

This is a funny hair phase

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Meanwhile, the 21-year-old singer also shared on Instagram his random meeting with comedian Adam Sandler.

“Totally did not plan getting that on video.!!! Super random. Adam sander living legend,” he wrote.

In the quick clip, Justin is seen walking down the street as Adam calls out “Biebs!” The singer then turned and spotted the “Happy Gilmore” actor walking hand-in-hand with his seven-year-old daughter Sunny. Justin then runs back to shake Adam’s hand, saying “Hey, what’s up dude?” Sandler replied: “Hey, what’s up homeboy? Good to see you, man.”

Adam then smiles and flashed a peace sign as he and his daughter continue on their way.

Totally did not plan getting that on video.!!! Super random Adam sander living legend

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