Beliebers can go crazy right now because a new song by Justin Bieber was leaked online and it’s believed to be about his on and off girlfriend, Selena Gomez. We’ve got the latest scoop.

According to Hollywood life, the song “Perfect Together” is about the singer’s rollercoaster relationship with the young latina.

“From the brooding tempo to lyrics such as, ‘even when it’s wrong it feels right’ seem to suggest that she was his muse for the alleged song”, the source noted.

While the song remains officially unreleased, and several sites have taken down the song already, the lyrics describes how two people belong together despite the hardships their relationships endure.

Direct Lyrics has the complete song flow:

I’m not perfect sometimes
No you’re not perfect sometimes
But even when it’s wrong it feels right
‘cause we’re perfect together, perfect together, perfect together

It’s amazing
So amazing
That we are still here, yeah
‘cause we’re changing
But I still see you clear
How can I love you more than me?
Tell me the way you and I can fix it

No more lonely nights
No more city lights
And we’re not feeling in the worse baby
You know how to hit me baby
Light shines through the house now
Darkest days in the past nights
You don’t know what you do to me

The true inspiration behind the song is still unknown, and we can only assume it’s about JB and Selena. However, their weekend rendezvous in Beverly Hills last July 11 hit the spot among the fans. Since Bieber already referenced Sel in his music video “Where are U Now?”, his new song “Perfect Together” strongly fits fans’ speculations.

No word yet on when the song will officially be released or if it will be part of Justin’s new album. In the meantime, you can listen to the leaked audio of “Perfect Together” here.