“Justice League” is certainly on the minds of moviegoers. Following the debut of “Batman V Superman,” everyone wants to know what’s next in the DC Extended Universe.

“Justice League” began filming recently, with Zack Snyder leading the production again as the director. However, he might do something different this time. Snyder teamed up with cinematographer Fabian Wagner, Screenrant reported. Wagner takes over from Larry Fong, hence, the story’s presentation might vary, the news outlet noted.

Wagner is best known for his television work, particularly on “Game of Thrones.” GOT’s “Hardhome” episode had “one of the largest battle sequences ever depicted on television” where he earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for it. For this reason, would a battle scene from “Game of Thrones” find its way on “Justice League”? Screenrant asked this in light of Wagner’s role in the production.

With Wagner on board, there might be a departure from the dark and gloomy scenes of its predecessor, Screenrant remarked. Hence, “Justice League” could have a different visual and thematic appearance.

Geoffreview described the cinematography on “Batman V Superman” as “poetic, almost theatrical.” However, this likely lent to the confusion about the movie. The source recalled how critics thought the movie had “a jumbled story line” dotted with “confusing subplots.”

Regardless of its critical reviews, Warner Bros. does not seem to want to take chances with “Justice League.” Kristopher Tapley of Variety revealed that executives don’t want a repeat of the poor reception to “Batman V Superman.”

“Production exec Jon Berg and Time-Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes are taking more of a hands-on approach now, paying closer attention to overarching story concerns,” Tapley revealed. Warner Bros. also wants to make sure that audiences will enjoy the movie.

“Justice League will be a crowd-pleaser more suited to Snyder’s talents, and that the upcoming two-part event is ‘extremely kinetic and visual’,” Tapley added.

“Batman V Superman” premiered last March 25. However, the film did not live up to its hype, thereby making lead star Ben Affleck appear saddened by the reviews. It was likely that the brief screen exposure of Wonder Woman in the film had more impact on its audiences.