‘Jurassic World 2’ Cast Chris Pratt Cheats with Jennifer Lawrence? Anna Faris Speaks Up


Actress Anna Faris finally opens up about rumors that her husband, “Jurassic World” actor Chris Pratt, was cheating on her.

In an interview with FOX411, Faris admitted that the reports have been “devastating” and “weirdly stinging” on her.

“It has been a little devastating. For us it was like, ‘What the heck.’ This has been blindsiding to us. We have an incredible relationship,” the actress revealed. “It has been weirdly stinging.”

Farris revealed that she is one to believe celebrity infidelity rumors, until it happened to her.

“[That] stung a little bit harder than I thought it would,” she admitted.

“I have always kind of believed that part of the rumors of celebrity couples were sort of true — because they had never been a part of my life. I thought ‘Maybe there is a kernel of truth to that,” the “Mom” star added.

Star magazine reported last month that Faris was concerned Pratt would cheat with his “Passengers” co-star, Jennifer Lawrence. Pratt and the “Hunger Games” actress are currently filming the sci-fi movie.

Star alleged Pratt and Lawrence had dinner to discuss their movie and the “Jurassic World” actor “hasn’t been able to stop raving about how cool Jen is,” Huffington Post wrote.

Despite the report, Faris knows Pratt is committed to his family. She said she is very lucky to have Pratt who values family.

The couple has been married for six years. They first met in 2007 when they starred together in the comedy movie “Take Me Home Tonight.” They tied the knot in Bali in July 2009 and have a 3-year-old son, Jack.

In June, Pratt shared to ET Online how their marriage works even with their busy careers.

He said they just have to take at least one moment every day to be present with one another. “Whether or not we’re in the same room, or the same state, or even the same country, we check in, you know?” Pratt added.

After the huge success of “Jurassic World”, Pratt recently confirmed that “Jurassic World 2” will be hitting theaters in 2018.

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