Readers of an article related to The Jungle Book, published by the People magazine, are disgruntled as the article is carrying misinformation.

After the publication of the article, Google had it on the top of its entertainment index.

The article page of People magazine was flushed with readers’ comments.

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A reader named Rick Lee commented: “Shows what happens when uneducated people are given jobs writing magazine articles.”

Another reader wrote that the article needs better proofreading, a comment supported by other readers who say that People is notorious for overlooking proofreading.

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The first sentence of the article says The Jungle Book was first published in 1984. The book was actually published in 1894, says Biography.

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Sister Neurotica, a reader asked if the book was first published in 1984, how could there be a film adaptation of it in 1967. Many comments were about the date of The Jungle Book’s publication which was wrong in the article.

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Wrong information related to another date is mentioned in the comments. It is about the death of Walt Disney.

According to a comment made by “mattack,” Disney died in December 1966—a week before the release of the 1967 film adaptation of The Jungle Book.

In reality, Disney died on Dec. 15, 1966, and the movie was released in October 1967. The span between the two events is ten months, says Biography.

Phillip Ricardo, a reader, stated: “….is this people, as in People Magazine?? I always knew garbage like this was in those magazines at the grocery line….”

A reader named SaixCallus directly referred to Pearl. The reader asked Diana Pearl to take her time with articles.

SixCallus also asked her not to as the readers won’t be mad if she takes an extra hour to proofread before she hands in her work for publishing.

Another major mistake the article carries is where it said that 1967’s The Jungle Book was the original movie and The Beatles were a part of it.

However, the original movie named Jungle Book was released in 1942, says IMDB. The 1967 movie was the first Disney movie named The Jungle Book.

Diana Pearl has not even posted the article on her Twitter page.