Are the rumors of Julian Assange dead true? Netizens scramble to learn the truth about the wellbeing of the WiKiLeaks founder amidst the recent release of the alleged deadman’s keys.

Speculations came to rise after a number of deadman switches tweeted by @wikileaks came out last Sunday. Consequently, the Internet is now abuzz as the rumor Julian Assange dead wildly spreads. WiKiLeaks previously released thousands of emails of John Podesta, who happens to be a top advisor for Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. Thus, is there a connection between the two?

Assange also tangled with the Clinton camp recently following his announcement of a reward for information about Seth Rich’s murder. The Democratic National Committee staff member was shot dead last July 10 on his way home in Washington DC. Rich was allegedly behind the Clinton email scandal, hence WiKiLeaks surmised the possible involvement of Hillary Clinton in his murder. Then again, is the dump a precursor to something bigger to come from WiKiLeaks?

Is WiKiLeaks founder Julian Assange dead?

A report from CBS News would suggest Assange was alive and well on October 15. Apparently, he had a visitor at the Embassy of Ecuador in central London. Actress Pamela Anderson dropped by. Moreover, she brought him a vegan lunch and some snacks. However, the WiKiLeaks founder was reportedly not pleased with her offering.

“He said I tortured him with bringing him vegan food,” Anderson revealed. The Ecuadorean Embassy serves as a safe haven for Assange since 2012. He is under threat of extradition to Sweden and the United States, hence his limited mobility. In February, the UN human rights panel ruled his detention as a violation of international law. However, its decision is not legally binding. Moreover, British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond slammed their findings. He stated Assange would answer to the law once he comes out of refuge.